About us

Mums Village offers you home help when you want it most. We aim to help create calm, connected families where parents can focus their energy on themselves and their children and not just work, bills and chores. 

We connect busy, isolated, overworked and overwhelmed families with people who can help with household-related tasks. We are a place where parents can feel supported to ask for help, whenever and for whatever they may need without fear of judgement..

The Village Values

Our organisation is built on the values below.

We are:


We strive to be worthy of confidence by being honest - telling it straight. We keep our promises, honor commitments by doing what we say we will and treat others like we would want to be treated.


We are sympathetically aware of other people's feelings; are tolerant and forgiving. We pay attention to where you are at and what you need.


Where people of all kinds feel welcome and valued regardless of age, marital status, income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or family circumstance.


Kindness and concern is at the core of our mission. We show empathy for the circumstances and needs of others. We make connections in ways that provide support and solutions and we value the responsibility to our customers.


We ask what you want and need, we act quickly to requests and expect our helpers to do the same, we adapt to changing needs, remain positive and stay human in our interactions.

Hi! I'm Meg

I’m an ex-pat living on the beautiful South Coast and with little family support around I’ve had to create our own village. The saying ‘it takes a village to raise a family’ became even more apparent when I had my second babies. With Covid, multiple lockdowns and shut down borders, I was STRUGGLING. Even though I have an incredibly supportive partner I was mentally and physically drained. Trying to keep on top of everything is tough! 
This is where the idea for Mums Village came from. I wondered how many other mums were in our position? So with 2 kids and a fur baby in tow I worked out of my garage for 6 months to bring it to life. 
We support overwhelmed parents with the housework. We’re here for anyone who asks for help. Yes, we clean, but our services go way beyond that of a regular cleaner, we help with laundry, bed linen changes, tidying, organising and so much more within your Home Reset. We’re here to help lighten your load.
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