Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever been on a flight before? You know the part where the flight attendants explain that oxygen masks will drop in case of emergency? They remind us that adults must always put the mask on themselves before their children.

If we can’t breathe as parents, how can we expect to give quality care to our family.

Often the ongoing duties of running a household can become heavy burdens upon caregivers, and it can feel like sometimes we have the weight of the world on us. It’s not just our own expectations, society’s expectations but also there is just SO much to take care of and organise….it can become suffocating.

While most of us just get on with the job and ‘suck it up’, what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we could get a bit of support each week for household management and also enjoy the day-to-day with our families?

At Mums Village, we believe busy families need MORE than a cleaner and that a little help goes a long way. We know first-hand the power of sharing the burden of running a house with a kind soul. When you have less household chores to do, you have more time to spend enjoying your family.

The best way to see what prices apply to your home and when our next available appointments are is to please visit our book now page. Here you can learn more about our booking process and what details to include when you send an enquiry or join our waitlist like being specific how many rooms and bathrooms you would like included.

Please visit our book now page, and select your location and follow the instructions on our webpages.

Our support services can be delivered on a tailored, personalised basis due to the needs of individual families. However, there are a number of normal tasks included in our signature Home Reset which you can find below. Our additional services available include but are not limited to:

  • Excess Laundry management (additional washing/drying/folding/ironing / putting away)
  • Home organising (wardrobes, drawers, kitchen cupboards, linen closets and more)
  • For other services, just ask.

While each interaction between a our helpers and a family is unique and tailored, there are a few things you can expect when you join Mums Village.

You can expect:

  • to be accepted as you are where you are
  • to be listened to and heard without judgement
  • a tailored and individual service

We are committed to helping your entire family. We believe when a parent has less things ‘to do’ they can be a better parent, partner and person.

By joining, you are committing to being open to letting Mums Village into your home and allowing us to lighten your load in whatever way we can.

Our team is committed to providing support and loving care that is free from judgement, opinion and social chatter. Any personal beliefs, issues or past experiences will be left at the door before entering your home.

Your family and your home will always be the number one priority during our visit.

At Mums Village, our core product is Home Reset. In the reset, we aim to get as much done in as little time as possible to help support busy parents with the never-ending chores. We change beds, do laundry, clean dishes, tidy surfaces, tidy rooms, clean core family areas and support home organising over time. Rest assured no moment is idle and every minute is meaningful. 

We generally operate with one or two helpers per job depending on scheduling and availabilities.

We require payment details in order to secure bookings, but no payments will be taken until the day of appointments.

In addition, we have strict cancellation policies to protect our clients and our helpers, with fees applicable if last minute cancellations are made.

At Mums Village Coast to Coast we are more than a cleaner. We currently offer our signature Home Reset offering to clients from the Sutherland Shire to Kiama in NSW and the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria

In the reset, our aim is to get as much done in as little time as possible to help support busy parents with the never ending chores. We change beds, do laundry, clean dishes, tidy surfaces, tidy rooms, complete a full home clean and support home organizing over time. In addition, you can ask additional extras onto your reset like deep cleaning, blinds, additional loads of laundry (only two are included in a standard reset), and so much more.

Yes! We absolutely work with a number of NDIS clients and are able to work directly with your plan managers and plan coordinators to manage invoicing our services in an NDIS approved manner.

Yes! We bring our own equipment and supplies to be the more efficient and effective cleaning and tidying crew around. Our helpers use the most natural and least abrasive custom cleaning solutions we can prepare so we leave your home sparkling and smelling amazing.

A Mums Village helper is someone who comes into your home and helps you, the parent.

We make your life easier in whatever way we can within the realm of housework and domestic responsibility.

Some examples of typical tasks included in our Home Reset and additional services would be:

  • dishes
  • laundry
  • tidying kids rooms
  • cleaning
  • decluttering
  • home organising

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