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Our core offering is our a home reset,  which is a home tidy and clean blitz which includes clean sheets,  tidy rooms, kitchen tidy, laundry, light cleaning and more. We work with our families to make the most impact in the areas that matter most to them to set a baseline tidy which can be optimised and maintained over time.

*price depends on the size of your home and how many rooms and bathrooms you would like tidied and cleaned.

What’s in a Home Reset?

A Home Reset with Mums Village is our signature service offering which combines the best of a professional clean with the best of a hotel housekeeping service. We have created a service offering to help busy families calm their chaos for a moment and reset their homes in a way a traditional clean doesn’t touch.

At Mums Village, there is no cleaning for the cleaner.

We come to you as you are and do our best to lighten your load as a parent by tidying AND cleaning your home for you. We understand that raising children and working is chaotic and that we are always time poor. 

If you’ve had a professional cleaner before, you may have experienced the last minute stress before a scheduled appointment when you have to tidy your home or else they won’t clean.

Forget about the mad rush around your house before your cleaner is due to pick up the toys, clothes and do the dirty dishes.

All you have to do is leave your clean sheets out and clean the laundry to be folded  for us to make your bed and get your clean washing put away. Did we mention we will also put your bed linen and towels on for you as well?

We offer Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly service offerings which all include the standard Home Reset offerings listed below…

What's included?

Home blitz and clean

Fresh linen on all beds

2 loads of sheets/towels washed and hung out/in dryer

dishwasher emptied/dishes done

Kitchen tidied and cleaned

Bathrooms cleaned

Living areas & bedrooms tidied

Floors cleaned

Clean laundry folded & put away*

*Up to 2 loads of washing folded &  put away.
If additional loads are required to be put away we may need additional time, or to remove part of the bathroom clean service to allow time to complete

Need more done? Add on an extra!

Choose from our extras menu in the booking process. *fees apply.

Happy Clients

Todays clean was fantastic. I didn’t want to pick up my kids as they’d ruin my clean house 😂😂.I love that the house was clean but also toys put away neatly, not just dumped in a pile to be able to mop floors. Oh and the attention to detail with placement. So good! The house was pretty filthy with me cancelling my old cleaner 6 weeks ago (they changed the service offering after 3years with them and it didn’t suit me). The house was feral and she had to work pretty hard to get everything else down this first clean. I am so happy and can’t wait to have her here fortnightly!!! Mums Village is exactly what I need in my life 🙌
I just wanted to say that my house looked absolutely amazing and after getting home from a holiday late yesterday it helped to take away all the overwhelm. Thanks so much!
“Wow Wow Wow! I can NOT believe how amazing Rene was! I was really nervous about having someone come into my home and see it in the state it was in! Rene instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable! She was so friendly and was also amazing with my two kiddies 😁🥰 She was able to transform my chaos into bliss and put the cutest touches in each room! Like in my 7 year olds room who has lots of stuffed teddies she set up around the room in a way I would have thought to do! Love love love everything she has done and gosh she worked hard!! I was so excited about how beautiful my home looked I sent a video to my friends showing all of my house room by room just so thrilled and completely gobsmacked at how beautiful home is! Please send her the hugest thanks from me and my family!
Hi , Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for today !!! We just moved into this home a few weeks ago and to say I was feeling completely done for is an understatement! I am so grateful for the help today and was amazed at how much got done 🙂 I was expecting a huge pile of bed linen in the laundry and then found it had ALL been washed and hung !!!! Thankyou !!!!! How nice to come home to this 🙂 From one happy mumma

Who is it for?

That beautiful small human will need everything from you, and you know you won’t have anything left for your home. 

Maybe you want help preparing for the coming newborn, or you just want to remove the anxiety around wanting to do it all, and have extra help in your home in those first few months.

If you have kept your home in a clean and tidy state but are ready to free your time up for something else, or just fed up with doing it yourself all the time, then you are definitely ready for a regular reset.

Weekly Home Reset

Our weekly Home Reset is our favourite offering, and our most value packed.

Those who utilise our weekly Home Reset service are rewarded with the standard Home Reset inclusions as well as a pack of additional benefits including:
  • All the standard Home Reset inclusions
  • A Whopping 10% off their Home Reset price (up to $40 off)
  • A FREE luxury scented candle or diffuser every quarter (valued over $30RRP)*
  • One free Home Decluttering of Home Organisation service hour each month ($90RRP)*
  • Never change your sheets again
  • Never clean your toilet again
  • Never mop your floors again
  • Cut your laundry workload down by up to 50%

Fortnightly Home Reset

Our Most Popular Service Frequency

Fortnightly Home Resets include all the basic Home Reset offerings, but you get a little discount off the price because with an increased frequency, our hope is that your home will require a bit less deep of a clean and your Helper will be able to get to know your family better than a monthly visit. What you get:
  • All the standard Home Reset inclusions
  • A 5% discount off the normal Home Reset price (up to $20 off* depending on your home size*)
  • A Helper who will be able to get to know your family better than a monthly visit
  • The ability to rotate between rooms

Monthly Home Reset

Our signature offering with core focus on getting your home back to scratch

A monthly Home Reset includes all of the standard Home Reset inclusions.
  • Standard Home Clean
  • Laundry Support
  • Linen Changes
  • Tidying holiday
  • Monthly break for you from doing it ALL!

More housekeeping services

Home decluttering services

Are you ready to make space in your life for new items, or a more organised and tidy daily life? While our core offering is a Home Reset, we can make the MOST impact in our families lives when we dedicate the time to giveaway, sell and cull the excess items we hold on to. Where you see clutter and disarray, we see potential. We will sort, cull and organise into like items to help you reduce and declutter creating the space you need to organise, tidy and clean!

Home organisation services

Once we've Marie Kondo'ed the sh*t out of your selected areas, we will have made space to enable our custom home organisation services.

Where you see clutter and disarray, we see potential. We will sort, measure and organise your most annoying spaces to make them work for you. We can use whatever organisation items you have or suggest new items to buy to better suit your home. It's really up to you!

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