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While our core offering is our a Home Reset,  which is a home tidy and cleaning blitz, at Mums Village we are firm believers that you can’t truly have a tidy and calming home until you go through a decluttering and organising process.

Overtime, if we don’t stay on top of it, so many areas of our family homes can become dumping grounds for things that have no ‘home’.

We are all guilty of this! 

Are you ready to start lightening your load start making space in your home?

The truth is, it’s almost impossible to have a clean and tidy home when you don’t have the space to create ‘homes’ for all of your belongings, but you simply have too many.

At Mums’s Village, we just LOVE helping people declutter their lives.

When you look in your dreaded dumping grounds you may be ashamed. Please don’t be – when we look at them all we see is an exciting challenge.

We see possibility and progress and we love every moment of getting stuck into the work. 

We are here to support you wherever you are on your declutter journey and will work with you in your home to cull items where is makes sense, and you feel safe doing so.

What is Home Decluttering?

At Mums Village, home decluttering is the process of reviewing, categorising and getting rid of items that you simply don’t need. 

Many people may have a negative reaction to the phrase ‘get rid of’, so for the purposes of this information page I am going to call it ‘shedding’ excess belongings. You can think of it like being a butterfly who is ready to shed their cocoon and step into the refreshed new person you will feel like once you have completed this process.

When our homes become overwhelmed with belongings, it can become almost impossible to be organised, tidy and ultimately clean. Which means we, as parents and keepers of our homes, can become completely and totally overwhelmed.

We get so overwhelmed, we don’t even know what to do, where to start or even how to approach what has become a monumental project.

We know what we WANT to happen….but feel paralysed as to how to begin.

We look at every decluttering project as a holistic home challenge. We know that often excess clutter is tied to more than just loving to shop, and we are here to help.

How We Work

Our Process

Initial chat


Submit photos & measurements of space


Mums Village provides initial suggestions & product images


Set appointment time


Area emptied and cleaned


Items sorted into trash, giveaway and keep according to useage


Items put back into area without organisation


If organisation is added, area is organised to optimise usage


Frequently Asked Home Decluttering Questions

Do you find yourself saying yes to any of the following questions? If you are nodding your head, decluttering could be transformational for you. 

Are you living out of plastic tubs and washing baskets instead of putting your clothes away because there’s just no space? 

Do you have duplicate items of the same thing because you couldn’t find where it was put that last time you used it?

Are you using floor space as storage or just a plain ol’ dumping ground? 

Are you finding it hard to open your kitchen or dresser drawers because there are so many items it gets wedged?

Still unsure whether decluttering your home would be beneficial for you? 

Do you look at a crowded surface or space and feel your heart rate rise?

Do you have a space in your home you completely avoid? 

Do you have a cupboard of shame where items with no true home get dumped when you don’t know where else to put them?

Perhaps you have lost a loved one and have not been ready to clear away old items for fear of forgetting them?

Instead of putting the project in your too-hard basket, why not hand it over to Mums Village Coast to Coast? 

For us, it’s not our clutter, it’s our challenge. We feel energised and invigorated by the possibility of helping others clear away the excess in their lives and help give them space for new growth. 

We are able to look at your home with no emotional attachment and absolutely no judgement because we understand the circumstances that lay beneath the clutter. 

After years of taking on our own home decluttering and organising projects as well as the hundreds of homes we have worked in with Mums Village, we know there is no such thing as a simple decluttering and organisation job. 

When you select your more pain point area, we know there are a minimum 2-3 other areas of the home that are affected by this. When we begin decluttering one section, more than likely there will be items that need to be rehomed to somewhere else more suitable, and that section will also need to be reviewed and assessed.

Whilst we LOVE using vacuums, we do not operate in a vacuum. This means when we enter your home we listen to your story (if you want to share it), and try to understand what you need the most and how we can most help you and your home in a whole home approach.

We get as much done as we possibly can within the time allowed, and if we are able to complete your core pain point with time remaining, we will either continue to other areas you have identified, or we will do a deeper clean and organisation of the section.

The short answer is no, you do not. However, it can help the process immensely.

We have worked with clients who were happy to have us use our judgement on what can stay or go, clients who had us send images where they decided over the phone what would stay or go, and we also have had clients who were with us through the whole process.

If you know you have a hard time getting rid of things, you may want to be with us. But if you know you just want things to go, we are more than happy to work our magic without you, and leave all the items in their piles/ bags away from the decluttered space for you to review after the fact.

When you work with Mums Village Coast to Coast in a home decluttering session, you can expect to be looked after with kindness and understanding. We are not here to judge you, you do not need to apologise for the state of the space and you don’t need to worry about us carelessly removing special items. We approach a decluttering job with the primary purpose of making your home a more usable and functional space. We hope to remove enough excess so that you can keep your belongings organised and tidy and actually see and use everything you own.

You will have a minimum one-two areas of your home completed depending on the size of the space and number of items. While we ask for images before the job commences, we never truly know the size of the project until we enter the space and begin to remove all the items.

While the primary focus of our decluttering sessions is to do just that, declutter, there is always an element of basic cleaning and organising that enters the final result of a session. Since we remove all of the items from the space we are working on, we clean the area so that when the items you are keeping go back, they go back to a clean place. We also wipe down any items that require it. In addition, once we have removed,  categorised, and separated, we put all the items back in the most tidy and organised way we can given the furniture, space and storage that is available. However, it is very important to note, we are only cleaning the area of focus, and if we run out of time, or there just isn’t suitable storage solutions available to put the ‘keep’ items back in a long term place, we just leave them in neat and tidy piles.

Happy Clients

Stop putting your decluttering project in the too hard basket

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