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We currently offer our signature Home Reset to families across NSW and expanded to Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, Victoria from May 2023 and are still tasking on a limited number of new clients!

Our Reset is a full home tidy and cleaning blitz. We change sheets,  tidy rooms,  tidy your kitchen, do laundry, complete a full home clean and so much more.

We work with our families to make the most impact in the areas that matter most to them. We aim to set a baseline tidy above and beyond you average home cleaning services which is tailored you families and can be optimised and maintained over time.

What's included?

Home tidy and cleaning blitz

Fresh linen change

Up to two loads of washing folded/put away

Dishwasher emptied/dishes done

Kitchen tidied and cleaned

Bathrooms cleaned

Living areas & bedrooms tidied

Floors cleaned

Special housekeeping service considerations

Melbourne bookings

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